May. 2nd, 2016


May. 2nd, 2016 09:22 pm
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Hey, I can actually do one of these because I have TWO active pups at the same for the first time in actual forever.


Castiel hasn't had any major shake ups lately (meaning Dean has also not had any major shake ups lately as that is the same thing to him). I'd like to send him a message that he received in Season 11 (which is far past his time) from a certain, very old supernatural being (I'm trying to be spoiler free) and I'm still playing with what he'd be able to tell has happened or whether there would be traces of the 'being' lingering.
I joked about Castiel not having any secrets but actually he's really, really terrified of ending up in Hell. He's convinced he'll be denied entrance to Heaven so if he falls (as he wants to do eventually) and dies as a human, he'll go to Hell. He's horribly afraid of what they'll do to a well known Angel and of being separated from Dean if he doesn't choose to fall. So basically, eternity alone and grieving or HELL.

Also, Castiel wants a chicken coop. And babies. But the chicken coop seems much more attainable.

Ray Kowalski

I am LOVING playing RayK. He is desperately trying to catch up on how to police humans and supernaturals and is taking it all in his usual stride of ranting and apologizing. He's dealt with a lot of weird during his time with Fraser and is trying hard to roll with this. Speaking of Fraser, he's desperately missing him and if anyone has ever desired to play a handsome, kind, sassy Mountie, I will be forever grateful. He's trying to make friends as he hates feeling lonely and has made a plea to Russell in Ray-speak to be bros. He is also about to get himself turned into a toad by Sirius and has probably pissed off as many people as he's charmed.

The Future
LOL I can't handle more than two pups, be real.


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