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Jan. 20th, 2017 07:14 pm
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I haven't done one of these in a very long time as things were uncertain with Cas. Now that he's gone off to live in a cabin somewhere with Dean and all their animals and I've got my two new pups firmly in game, here we go.

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Erasmus is settling in and trying to adjust to life as a free man as best he can in fits and starts. He's working at the cat cafe and has made friends more easily than I anticipated which I'm grateful for. He's finally getting over his embarrassing crush on poor Noah and of all things, met a boy who he is, if nothing else, exploring that side of life with. As a slave, he would have never dreamed of having a lover of his own so jealousy is not really a thing with him. I quickly found that as shy and hesitant he is in most situations, flirting and allusions to sex are something he's trained on. Actual sex, that may be different, but he's now just wanting to know there's something other than the painful attacks he's known as a slave. I want to keep working on the mentoring relationship he has with Damen and Hild and the relationships with his peers. Having Nicaise here will be fascinating as he's not yet encountered a Master (or a pet of a Master) who might take advantage of him and he still cannot stop himself from yielding.

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Hernando!!!!! Yeah, so I'm having so much fun with this and Manda's perfect Lito. He was unamused to arrive and find all his hard won happiness had not happened and that his lover had loads of other lovers. Lito's misplaced idea that Hernando will want to be friends with his sex dudes is hilarious and will be fun to play out. I want to find ways to immediately get him into the Darrow art scene as it's the first thing he'd be seeking out. Since the schools are in the middle of terms, I probably won't have him looking to teach for a few months but he'll be looking for galleries and artisan shops and anything performance related. He will also be seen around town with his overenthusiastic boyfriend, probably having sex in bathroom stalls. Give me ALL YOUR PUPS. Hernando is curious and kind and will be so interested in everything.


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