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Castiel is back to being an angel after having his grace damaged (as a way of containing him when he went all murdery) and taken away during powers plot. He has very mixed feelings but as much as he prefers to be human, being sent home by Dean during the fire bees made him feel helpless and terrified in a way he hates. He had to allow Dean to stay on the battlefield without him and it's not something he can live with right now. 

In order to distract himself, he's charging forward (as per usual) with his idea to purchase a house with Dean and all the strange tasks that accompany such a purchase. He's a little obsessed with the idea of a more permanent seeming home as he's determined to believe they will grow old together, despite the odds. 

I don't have any upcoming plots for him unless I'm forgetting something.

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Rachel is shaky right now. I love playing her but she's completely devastated that she's lost both Raylan and Danny. I love threading her with the Musketeers but the sass has gone out of her and she's hard to play without it.

Date: 2014-06-29 05:40 am (UTC)
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Awww, Rachel. Saffron adores her and offers whatever support she can, such as it is.


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