Jan. 20th, 2017 07:14 pm
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I haven't done one of these in a very long time as things were uncertain with Cas. Now that he's gone off to live in a cabin somewhere with Dean and all their animals and I've got my two new pups firmly in game, here we go.

Erasmus: [personal profile] bells_will_ring

Erasmus is settling in and trying to adjust to life as a free man as best he can in fits and starts. He's working at the cat cafe and has made friends more easily than I anticipated which I'm grateful for. He's finally getting over his embarrassing crush on poor Noah and of all things, met a boy who he is, if nothing else, exploring that side of life with. As a slave, he would have never dreamed of having a lover of his own so jealousy is not really a thing with him. I quickly found that as shy and hesitant he is in most situations, flirting and allusions to sex are something he's trained on. Actual sex, that may be different, but he's now just wanting to know there's something other than the painful attacks he's known as a slave. I want to keep working on the mentoring relationship he has with Damen and Hild and the relationships with his peers. Having Nicaise here will be fascinating as he's not yet encountered a Master (or a pet of a Master) who might take advantage of him and he still cannot stop himself from yielding.

Hernando: [personal profile] love_made_public

Hernando!!!!! Yeah, so I'm having so much fun with this and Manda's perfect Lito. He was unamused to arrive and find all his hard won happiness had not happened and that his lover had loads of other lovers. Lito's misplaced idea that Hernando will want to be friends with his sex dudes is hilarious and will be fun to play out. I want to find ways to immediately get him into the Darrow art scene as it's the first thing he'd be seeking out. Since the schools are in the middle of terms, I probably won't have him looking to teach for a few months but he'll be looking for galleries and artisan shops and anything performance related. He will also be seen around town with his overenthusiastic boyfriend, probably having sex in bathroom stalls. Give me ALL YOUR PUPS. Hernando is curious and kind and will be so interested in everything.
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I knew my accent was bad but not like..this bad


May. 2nd, 2016 09:22 pm
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Hey, I can actually do one of these because I have TWO active pups at the same for the first time in actual forever.


Castiel hasn't had any major shake ups lately (meaning Dean has also not had any major shake ups lately as that is the same thing to him). I'd like to send him a message that he received in Season 11 (which is far past his time) from a certain, very old supernatural being (I'm trying to be spoiler free) and I'm still playing with what he'd be able to tell has happened or whether there would be traces of the 'being' lingering.
I joked about Castiel not having any secrets but actually he's really, really terrified of ending up in Hell. He's convinced he'll be denied entrance to Heaven so if he falls (as he wants to do eventually) and dies as a human, he'll go to Hell. He's horribly afraid of what they'll do to a well known Angel and of being separated from Dean if he doesn't choose to fall. So basically, eternity alone and grieving or HELL.

Also, Castiel wants a chicken coop. And babies. But the chicken coop seems much more attainable.

Ray Kowalski

I am LOVING playing RayK. He is desperately trying to catch up on how to police humans and supernaturals and is taking it all in his usual stride of ranting and apologizing. He's dealt with a lot of weird during his time with Fraser and is trying hard to roll with this. Speaking of Fraser, he's desperately missing him and if anyone has ever desired to play a handsome, kind, sassy Mountie, I will be forever grateful. He's trying to make friends as he hates feeling lonely and has made a plea to Russell in Ray-speak to be bros. He is also about to get himself turned into a toad by Sirius and has probably pissed off as many people as he's charmed.

The Future
LOL I can't handle more than two pups, be real.
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[personal profile] godless_son 

Castiel is back to being an angel after having his grace damaged (as a way of containing him when he went all murdery) and taken away during powers plot. He has very mixed feelings but as much as he prefers to be human, being sent home by Dean during the fire bees made him feel helpless and terrified in a way he hates. He had to allow Dean to stay on the battlefield without him and it's not something he can live with right now. 

In order to distract himself, he's charging forward (as per usual) with his idea to purchase a house with Dean and all the strange tasks that accompany such a purchase. He's a little obsessed with the idea of a more permanent seeming home as he's determined to believe they will grow old together, despite the odds. 

I don't have any upcoming plots for him unless I'm forgetting something.

[personal profile] sluttylyingliar 

Rachel is shaky right now. I love playing her but she's completely devastated that she's lost both Raylan and Danny. I love threading her with the Musketeers but the sass has gone out of her and she's hard to play without it.


Dec. 29th, 2013 01:11 pm
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So, obviously many of my plans for Castiel involve Dean so I'll let Sarah speak to the Dean-centric plans if she wants, but here's a low down for 2014.

1. New Year's Eve - Castiel will not be able to fully heal Dean so he will be focused on trying to get him better slowly and painstakingly.

2. Age Switch - I'm going to age switch Cas down to around 4 years old in the spring (so age switched Dean and he can go to baseball games and other kid stuff). He'll still be powered up and have a teeny little trench coat.

3. Re-Programming Plot - this is is a long range plot starting soon that will culminate in the summer/fall I think. Basically, it is canon that Castiel has been 're-programmed' many MANY times for not toeing the line and had memories altered and replaced as a result. I'm going to start having some of these memories leak through (reclaiming his grace loosened a few bolts). It'll manifest in the bleeding from the eye and spacing out as the memories start to come through a little at a time. He'll grow paranoid about whether he's losing his mind again and later the realization that he has been messed with HEAVILY in his past. The end will be the programming to KILL DEAN WINCHESTER kicking into gear which will involve some of you guys helping to control him (after he beats Dean to a pulp) and then helping him back to himself. 


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 Hey guys,

I'll be in the wilds of Arkansas from the 29th - 7th. I'll still have internet access but I'll be busy with the family so I'll be slower getting back tags.
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AGE: 31

LOCATION: San Diego, California - couch

OCCUPATION: I'm a Project Manager in the Clinical Contents team at Kaiser Permanente OnCall Nurse Triage. I take big, huge impossible goals and implement them by breaking them up into a million steps and then orchestrate the whole thing like a demented juggler. I love my job and it is terrifying.

PARTNER:No thanks.

KIDS: None.

BROTHERS/SISTERS: Younger sister, Jessie.

PETS: Stella - half Boston Terrier half Gremlin.


1) Entire family is arriving tomorrow God help us all.

2) I'm leading three huge projects at once at work and keeping all the plates spinning perfectly is getting really difficult.

3) I'm in therapy to learn to deal with my type A brain and a list of circumstances I have no control over. Constant self-improvement is hilarious.

4) My room is still a fucking mess.

PARENTS: Julie and Greg. High school sweethearts, still in love.  Amazing, funny, liberal, supportive. I adore my parents. My mom is sick and my dad takes amazing care of her. I have nothing but good things to say about my parents.
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 Tonight, I require wine. Onwards.


Feb. 25th, 2012 11:44 am
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 State of Me:

Just got hired onto a new job. Thank God. So assuming this works out, I'll be back to West Coast evening and weekend tagging.

[personal profile] sluttylyingliar  - Rachel is about 7.5 months along, getting big and uncomfortable and realizing she still doesn't know how to change a diaper. She'll be doing a baby crash coarse with Danny and hoping Raylan somehow figures it all out. She's in a pretty good headspace considering what's around the corner. Raylan being fairly calm about it all and Danny's constant mother hen presence makes all the difference. I don't think I'll do fearplot with her as Raylan's possible fearplot would include her. 

[personal profile] new_ophelia - I need to EP Kate, badly. Probably be doing that in the next month. I've got to get her out again. She's just so silently sad, but not in a way desperate enough for interesting hysterics. Sam eases that, as he's little enough to bounce back pretty quickly. What I'd really like to do is have her start some kind of acting workshop. Need to get on that.

[personal profile] godless_son - Is slowly adjusting, as much as he does not want to believe he could be stuck here. With big changes about to happen, he'll be sticking close to Dean, whether or not Dean actually wants that. He's attempting to 'socialize' although he still finds himself wanting to stick to Dean like glue, to try and watch over him and for the familiarity. I think he'll be my fearplot pup. I'm thinking his vessel as Leviathan as it represents everything he did wrong and the betrayal that Dean does not yet know anything about.

[personal profile] start_a_rumpus  - Max is chugging along. He now has three awesome big brother types in Wolf, Jason and Kirk and couldn't be more over the moon about that. Coraline continues to fill a hole left by his own big sister and Karen is an excellent source of frustration and bafflement for him. 
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[personal profile] sluttylyingliar - Rachel is getting really, really pregnant. Her item (a marriage certificate from back home to a bad, bad dude) has shifted something for her in terms of what she can imagine for herself. She is finally admitting to herself that she wants all of that with Raylan. She's still not sold on motherhood but she's going to try her damnedest to make it all work. She's so far not admitting the M word or her desire to even speak of the M word to anyone but Danny.  In true Rachel fashion, I suspect she'll bottle it up until she blows up and leaves Raylan wondering where the FUCK any of that came from.

[personal profile] new_ophelia I'm falling down with Kate really, really hard. I need to get back in gear with her. The problem is she's mainly just focusing on her kid and allowing herself to feel sad and lonely it small increments. She's not terribly dramatic or prone to public meltdowns so it's hard to really do much. 

[personal profile] start_a_rumpus  Max is happier than usual as he now has a group of older kids and young adults watching out for him. His imagination is getting a little less active, as the reality of the island is enough of a head trip and in that sad way that always happens, he's getting a little older. He's pretty obsessed right now with following people like Wolf and Jason Todd around and trying to learn how to be cool like them. He's also terrified of baby Batman but is also really intrigued by him. 

[personal profile] godless_son It did Castiel some good to confess his sins to Kara Thrace. He is realizing there is no immediate way back home and it still unable to relax at the thought of his Sam and Dean suffering back home in a situation of his own making. He can't explain any of this to Dean and feels even more cut off from the world than usual. People are largely patient with him, which helps, and as he is human longer, and settles into his body he will deal more with the particular...urges and wants of a human. And he will be most unamused.


Dec. 28th, 2011 08:10 pm
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I'm making this SOTP after like two glasses of whine so it might be mostly just Mmm blurrry wine stuff words.

[personal profile] godless_son - Castiel's debut and aftermath got sort of borked by the move so I've got to get going again with him. He is keeping the fact that he's dead back home from everyone, and that coupled with keeping HUGE secrets and betrayals from Sam and Dean are making him a little tense. He isn't really adapting very well because he doesn't yet want to. He just wants to follow Sam and Dean around and stare and talk to other former gods and angels about how to get out of here. Even if he still thinks that Ishiah may or may not be a demon. Probably not, but maybe. Cas is getting a Japanese Peace Lily for NDPD which he will resent, a lot.

[personal profile] new_ophelia - I need to EP Kate. She hasn't tagged around since Baze's disappearance. That's partly because of the holidays and madness and partly because she's dead silent. She's angry and she's unsurprised and she's hunkered down with Sam. She's largely swallowed most of her feelings and is pretty dead inside, which is unusual for Kate. Kate is getting a new sewing machine and fabrics for NDPD.

[personal profile] start_a_rumpus - I really just sucked this month with everything. Max would have been a little excited about the London thing but scared that he's that much farther away from his mom. He'll get more face time soon and assume he's following Jason and Wolf around and trying to watch Damian from a distance and getting into all sorts of trouble with Coraline and Karen. Max is getting a BB gun for NPDP.

[personal profile] sluttylyingliar - Rachel is a loud bitch as always. She's five months pregnant, showing and unamused about this snowy, coal dust filled city. She and Raylan are horrifically in love even after being seriously thrown by finding out she married a murderer back home. It's actually got her thinking about the M word in a different light, but she won't be ready to talk about that with anyone for a long time still. It just seems like something far beyond her grasp. She'll be getting baby swag for NDPD which is so strange.


Aug. 27th, 2011 11:10 pm
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Have to say, as I drove out to a rural town last night through the mountains and watched the sun set on Pinnacle Mountain with some good bluegrass playing, I'm going to miss home.

I'm going to love California but I am and always will be a Southern girl.
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So Sarah went and took a bunch of pictures of our wee apartment that we still don't live in. This is the layout as I understand it. I think. It's a small place, but has two big patios that odd to it and let in a ton of light. I'm ready to decorate this bitch.

Very picture heavy )


Jul. 20th, 2011 10:33 pm
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I have to make sure to wish a happy birthday to one of my favorite people. Meg, ho shit. Are you dirty thirty girl???????

Meg is amazeballs. Meg is the shit. Meg is someone whose company I never ever tire of and I can say I genuinely enjoy without reservation. You are lovely and so very smart and kind and thoughtful. You speak French and play the piano and take time to appreciate and collect beautiful bits and pieces and ways to remember your life. And you see things in people that they can't see in themselves and you take these pictures and offer them up as proof of what you see and the pictures you've given me mean more than I can ever say.

I will miss seeing you every few months and I can't imagine not having you as one of my closest friends.

Love you!!!!

Hope your birthday was wonderful.
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Well, apparently my body thought that Leah was being an attention hog and I have the "largest kidney stone" my doctor has ever seen.


Was in the middle of getting my broken tooth ground down when I had an awful pain attack. Barely managed to walk the 5 blocks back to work and drove myself to the E.R. where I would spend the next TEN FUCKING HOURS mostly without pain meds, wanting to die. My saving grace, my fucking angel, [ profile] theotherpotter  sat with me and more than once yelled and bitched until I finally was in a bed with some vicodin. She was magnificent.

The stone is enormous. Just huge. It'll require either surgery to remove or surgery to put a stint in, break it up, and try to pass it. I'm so fucked. I've got to go out of town on Saturday to trade my car in (the only weekend I can do it) plus I've got my terrifying PHR exam in a week that I need to study for and can't retake till next year OR get my money back.

I'm so fucked. And in such ungodly amounts of pain, even on meds. Plus the meds make me sick. Fuck this noise.


May. 19th, 2011 12:26 pm
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Alright, here's the dealio for recital for those of you who want to come.

On the 12th. Starts at 2. It's gonna be like...4 hours long. I'm unfortunately in 4 dances that span the entire thing.

So if you don't want to sit there for 4, mind-numbing hours, I will not blame you.
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Day 02: A picture of you and the person you've with close longest

I'm gonna go with friends on this one, instead of family. But this person has known me ALMOST as long as my family, frankly.

picture )
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I stole this from Leah

Day 1: A picture of you and ten facts

picture )


Feb. 26th, 2011 09:36 am
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