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I'm making this SOTP after like two glasses of whine so it might be mostly just Mmm blurrry wine stuff words.

[personal profile] godless_son - Castiel's debut and aftermath got sort of borked by the move so I've got to get going again with him. He is keeping the fact that he's dead back home from everyone, and that coupled with keeping HUGE secrets and betrayals from Sam and Dean are making him a little tense. He isn't really adapting very well because he doesn't yet want to. He just wants to follow Sam and Dean around and stare and talk to other former gods and angels about how to get out of here. Even if he still thinks that Ishiah may or may not be a demon. Probably not, but maybe. Cas is getting a Japanese Peace Lily for NDPD which he will resent, a lot.

[personal profile] new_ophelia - I need to EP Kate. She hasn't tagged around since Baze's disappearance. That's partly because of the holidays and madness and partly because she's dead silent. She's angry and she's unsurprised and she's hunkered down with Sam. She's largely swallowed most of her feelings and is pretty dead inside, which is unusual for Kate. Kate is getting a new sewing machine and fabrics for NDPD.

[personal profile] start_a_rumpus - I really just sucked this month with everything. Max would have been a little excited about the London thing but scared that he's that much farther away from his mom. He'll get more face time soon and assume he's following Jason and Wolf around and trying to watch Damian from a distance and getting into all sorts of trouble with Coraline and Karen. Max is getting a BB gun for NPDP.

[personal profile] sluttylyingliar - Rachel is a loud bitch as always. She's five months pregnant, showing and unamused about this snowy, coal dust filled city. She and Raylan are horrifically in love even after being seriously thrown by finding out she married a murderer back home. It's actually got her thinking about the M word in a different light, but she won't be ready to talk about that with anyone for a long time still. It just seems like something far beyond her grasp. She'll be getting baby swag for NDPD which is so strange.
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The boss-slash-mentor-slash-fellow-redhead-with-awesome-rack is available for talkings whenever Rachel is ready!
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Lois just so you know would've come and checked up on Bambi and made sure he's settled in and doing okay. And you know generally asked a few follow up questions just because.
Del says it is perfectly okay to stalk her Castiel and ask her questions. She'll even give him one or two spells for him to try out, she knows they won't work but she figures it'll be fun (to watch him go mad) for him to try.

Coraline is getting a paintbal gun Max :p :p
She's going to have the best time. HOMESTEADERS WITH GUNS WOOOOO. Bill/Danny/Shari are probably going to have nervous breakdowns.